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Confrontation is a situation that exists whenever conflict or disagreement, or disappointment, or unchecked aggression bumps up against YOU. It is that situation that begins with a conflict or a threat, real or perceived, and it concludes only when the conflict has been resolved or the threat no longer exists or has been successfully avoided. Note that I say "successfully avoided" because the most appropriate solution to any confrontation is avoidance or reason. "Winning a fight" is an ambiguous term, since rarely does anyone "win" by involvement with fight.

"Facing Confrontation" is about the relationship that exists between the attacker and the defender in any hostile situation. It is a relationship that requires, and is deserving of, serious study.

When I set out to write my first book on JIU-JITSU, I meant only to provide my students with a basic text of basic techniques they could use as a reference. With this offering my intent is different. Many books are simply re-iterations of what someone else has already said or shown, and then labouring their point in a new (not always) way. There are numerous nuts and bolts, "How-To" books dealing with stretching (important) or warm-up exercises  (also important) and almost always basic techniques (equally important). 

While there is certainly room for material in the area of advanced technique that begins to build on the solid foundation of the basic techniques already mastered by the intermediate student or advanced student, my intention is to deal with the heart of JIU-JITSU and Self-Defence...The Confrontation

Watch for the next instalment of Facing Confrontation -
"The Changing Nature of Violence"